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Before you place an order ✅

Make sure to check that your EA account is webapp unlocked - meaning that you are able to search the transfer market on your phone companion app, or from the browser.

How do we transfer the coins? 🎯

We do the coin transfer via the snipe method, meaning:
1. We buy an expensive card on our account
2. We list it for minimum price on the market
3. We immediately snipe it on your account before bots or auto-buyers get it
4. We sell the card for its normal price on your account

Any guarantees? 🤝

While we do not control EA's policies, we use the safest transfer method out there and with over 600M+ sold this FIFA we had no issues and no complaints about anyone getting banned!

That said, you understand the risks involved when using this service. We cannot be held responsible of any action by EA to your account.

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1mil = 27£/32€
500k = 15£/18€